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Robert, Kent and George are the best in the business. We walked in to pick up a repair and discuss options for a new wedding set. We sat down with Robert who was very patient with my lovely wife. Robert showed us just about everything in the case. After a bathroom break and some more showings from their collection. Kent sat down with us and showed us diamonds that would match the wedding set she picked out. George walked over and introduced himself, very nice and receptive to us. Absolutely no pressure from any of them. Actually they would say if it doesn't talk to you than it's not for you, we found we this statement very comforting and knew we were in the right place. We did end up upgrading her wedding set and she was in tears full of joy. We couldn't be happier with the customer service and the atmosphere at George Thomas's is by far the best of the best. Thank you Kent, Robert and George for the experience of being able to find something so special and will be in our family for generations to come.
Raul P. | Oxnard, CA
I am so happy with George Thompson!! I had customized a ring and did not think it would be here on time for my birthday-when we were gonna announce our engagement. However, it was ready on day of! Natalie, who worked in the back, helped us out when the sales rep was busy and she was the best part of the experience!! Although we were no doubt taking her away from her work she sat with us and helped picked out ring and we emailed back and forward throughout the process. Thank you, Natalie!!!
Leah S. | Pacific Grove, CA
When my finger got too big to accommodate my 35 yr. wedding set, it was time to find one to fit. After going to several jewelry stores, including Tiffany's, to no avail, we finally went to George Thompson. Ultimately found what I needed: yellow and white gold band with diamonds. Went back every 6 months to have it checked. (I live in Goleta, they are in Camarillo.) After 4 years, one diamond was loose, but it was fixed for a minimal amount $60 (I think I passed the guaranteed period.) I also had 2 rings enlarged at the going gold rate. They would not enlarge my emerald and diamond ring, as they said the emeralds may not survive the pressure. My oldest now has that ring. I wanted my favorite family signet ring enlarged, but the cost of gold was exorbitant at the time. The staff did try to bring the price down by suggesting a thinner band extension, but we all agreed it wouldn't do justice to the ring. Youngest daughter now has the ring. Would I shop from them again? Yes, in a heart beat.
Gail B. | Goleta, CA
I've been shopping ya George Thompson for a few years now and have always bought great quality items and always had a great experience and excellent service!
But this last experience was just above and beyond!!
This past summer I moved out of Ca to another state and my fiancé and I were talking about getting married...
I called George Thompson to see if they could get me the wedding band that matches the engagement setting my fiancé bought me.
I spoke with Sue, explained to her I now lived in Texas but still wanted to purchase my band from them.
After we spoke she advised the best way to ensure the diamond quality matched was to send her my engagement ring, they would size and send back.
I packed everything up, insured it to the hilt and kept my fingers crossed (not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous). She gave me excellent instructions on how to ship to ensure safety.
As soon as she received it she called to let me know. She let me know they did have the matching band as well. I decided I wanted 2 bands, one on each side, Sue advised how to size properly and let me know she would have them sized and back in the mail the next day.
I received my ring back in 1 day of shipping and it was exactly how she explain and BEYOND GORGEOUS!! I can't stop looking at it.
Many many thanks to Sue and George Thompson for being beyond accommodating, professional, very fair with pricing and superb customer service. You have a customer for life!!
Kathy M. | Heath, TX
My husband bought me a wedding set there!!! And I love the rings!!! Price was great plus they clean them free of charge anytime!!! We'll definitely buy all of our jewelry there!!!
Elizabeth N. | Oxnard, CA
I have a very sentimental ring that was in bad need of repair. Mr. Thompson took it all the way to his shop in Thailand and had it completely redone. It looks fantastic!! I can't thank him enough. My husband and I have been going to his showroom for over twenty years. We very much appreciate the wonderful service we always receive. I would like to also give a special thank you to Misty. She is always especially nice to work with and pays great attention to detail.
Dave S. | Thousand Oaks, CA
George personally helped me pick out my wedding band. Found exactly what I wanted and the service was really great. Terry was great and helped with sizing. We will be back soon and worth the drive from Los Angeles! Thanks team!
Kevin W. | San Diego, CA
We've been happy for the last 3 years with our experiences with George Thompson. They design beautiful rings and the staff are always willing and ready to help us. Often times we see Connie and she has been nothing but wonderful.
Matthew M. | Simi Valley, CA
My fiancé and I love this place. The customer service was great. everyone took there time to show us everything we wanted. there was no pressure. they even took into consideration that we drove over 2 hours to get there. 5 start service all the way. thank you Sue
Henry R. | Lompoc, CA
I bought 2 ct. diamond stud earrings for Mothers Day/Birthday for my Mom. I bought them online at a inexpensive wholesaler. I paid approx. $2000 and when they arrived they were just hideous. I did select the grade and clarity but couldn't believe how bad they looked when they arrived.

So, the day before Mother's Day I walked into GT and thought I'd see what he had to offer before giving up. Kent assisted me and I told him my story. He said they didn't sell diamonds like the ones I returned but he'd see what he had that might come close. We found another 2 ct.
pair and they were a higher price but so much nicer than my internet "bargain pair." Kent blew me away when he quoted the price to be significantly lower than what I'd paid online. I never expected this and was so happy to buy them. They weren't a gazillion dollars, but they were clear, pretty and they sparkled (unlike the horrid pair I found online at that "other" place.)

While all of this transpired, I noticed a gentleman shopping and looking at the cases of jewelry while Kent helped me. This man, dressed in Dodger Blue, turned out to be Mr. Thompson. He said he'd been listening and was glad that I returned them and came into his shop. He was very kind, very knowledgeable and gave me a fair and honest deal. He saved the day, literally and Mom loved the earrings.

Thank you to Kent and to Mr. Thompson for helping me and giving me excellent service to find just what I needed. I never did share that I'm a SF Giants fan trying to transition to a Dodgers fan and he definitely helped :)
Mrs. B | Camarillo, CA
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