A Beachside Proposal, Sasha And Lauren

They started talking at a Halloween house party that Sasha's sisters dragged him to. His sisters wanted to go out afterward, but everything fell by the wayside once he met Lauren.

Soon after, Sasha took Lauren out on their first date-but he says it felt like 130 dates. They are strong in their faith and started the night at a Church in Isla Vista before continuing to Hendry's Boathouse for dinner. The hours melted away. After dinner, they took an unforgettable walk along the beach and went back to Westmont College, where Lauren was going to school. She showed Sasha around the campus, including the chapel, the gardens, the duck pond, and a special place she goes to escape from the stress of classes. They talked late into the night, and he said, "I think I love you". It was a bold move that paid off big.

After 6 months, Sasha knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Lauren. Recently, he asked Lauren's parents for their blessing, which they happily gave him. (They also told Lauren to prepare her.) The following Monday, Sasha came to George Thompson to pick out a perfect engagement ring. Misty helped him decide on The Placca.

Tuesday is date night. Lauren had a nice camera, and Sasha wanted to get some good photos of the big moment. His roommate took pictures of them before the date, and then Sasha snuck the camera to his sister, then he and Lauren went out for a walk on the Santa Barbara pier and down on the beach where they had their first date. He knew his sister would be ready with the camera. He got down on one knee, and "prayed the Holy Spirit would give him the words to let Lauren know how much he loves her."

Lauren said YES! and she loves the ring.

Thank you, Sasha and Lauren, for letting us be a part of this beautiful moment.

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