Our Staff

Kathleen Kimball


Kathleen was born for this business, her childhood vacations were motivated by what business goal could be satisfied by that trip and her earliest memories are sitting on her dad’s lap behind the jewelry counter while he helped customers.

Although she tried her hand at different industries, nothing was as much fun as the jewelry store, so when the opportunity arose to purchase the store with her husband Charlie she didn’t hesitate. She loves the lasting beauty of the jewelry and the client relationships that jewelry creates. Kathleen will never tire of turning an idea into an heirloom.

What Kathleen wasn’t born into, she learned. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from USC in 2007 and a Master’s in Business Administration from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in 2014. In her absence from George Thompson Diamond Company, she co-founded a PR and Marketing firm and worked in Sports Marketing. She loves to cook, bake and quilt when not spending time with her husband Charlie and kids Hannah and Gordon.

Charlie Kimball

Vice President

Charlie married George’s daughter and was welcomed into the George Thompson Diamond Company family, and has been in his current role since last fall.

Though Charlie grew up in Europe, he’s got Ventura County roots and his family has been farming locally for generations. Charlie’s career in racing took him away from California and all over the world, though for the last 12 years, he and Kathleen have called Indianapolis home.

Some of Charlie’s favorite things about this business are the sense of family and the legacy of George within the community. He also loves hearing about all the special events like engagements, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries spanning generations that everyone at George Thompson has had the honor of being a part of! Charlie enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors in his free time.

Kamlyn Burnett

Store Manager

Kam has been a part of the George Thompson Diamond Company for over thirty years since her senior year at Ventura High School.

Kam started part time after school running errands, and after graduation began working full time in the office, supporting sales and anywhere else she was needed, growing into her current role as Store Manager.

A Ventura native, Kam has so many wonderful stories from her time at George Thompson Diamond Company and loves the industry. She’s seen many couples who came in to buy their engagement and wedding rings return with their babies and years later bring those kids in to buy their own wedding rings. One of her favorite custom jewelry pieces was for a long time friend who came in wanting to create a beautiful pendant with our designer out of her mother’s diamonds and stones. Kam loves spending time with her family, camping, backyard barbecues and watching her sons play sports, and says the people she works with are like family too!

Myrna Ong

Senior Accountant

Myrna Ong has been a cornerstone of George Thompson Diamond Company for 30 years. Her journey began when a friend, who worked with Mr. Thompson in advertising before moving to Oregon, introduced her to the company. Myrna’s passion for crunching numbers and her dedication to her role have made her an invaluable member of the team. The fellowship among the staff feels like a second family to her, making her tenure both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Myrna deeply appreciates the leadership of Kathleen and Charlie Kimball and finds joy in the inclusive atmosphere they foster. One of her favorite traditions is the monthly birthday celebration for staff, an event that honors everyone and ensures no one is left out, making her feel cherished and valued.

Outside of work, Myrna loves spending time with her family, exploring new restaurants, and traveling, and spending time with her church friends and family. She is immensely proud of her three wonderful children, who are pursuing their careers across the country. Myrna also serves as the treasurer for the Filipina American Group in her community and is an avid fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, and LA Kings.

Myrna’s dedication, warmth, and extensive experience make her a vital part of the George Thompson Diamond Company family.

Matchima Prasansin

Wholesale Manager/Designer

Originally from Thailand, Matchima Prasansin's journey with George Thompson Diamond and Company began in 2015. Starting as a greeter at her father Mr. George Thompson's encouragement to practice her English, Matchima's initial role involved a variety of smaller tasks. Through dedication and a passion for the craft, she has evolved into the esteemed wholesale manager and graphic designer for the company.

Matchima thrives in the collaborative environment of the store, where the team operates like a close-knit family. She finds immense joy in the creative process, from engaging with clients and conceptualizing designs to bringing those visions to life through 3D printing. Her favorite aspect of the job is creating meaningful, lasting pieces that symbolize precious moments and build lifelong connections with clients.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Matchima enjoys spending time with friends over coffee, hiking, and embracing the great outdoors. Her dedication, warmth, and artistic talent continue to transform precious moments into timeless treasures, making her an invaluable part of the George Thompson Diamond and Company family.

Terry Lopez

Senior Sales Associate

Terry has been with the George Thompson Diamond Company for 27 years and is our Visual Display Specialist as well as assisting with new merchandise selections and representing the company at public events.

Terry also grew up in the business in the Oxnard area, attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising while working at Bullocks and Macy’s, returning to work at her dad’s business Oxnard Jewelers. There is a real family feel at the George Thompson Diamond company and Terry is very grateful for the opportunity to work with this group, our team often sees each other more during the day than their own families.

There are so many wonderful customer stories over the years it’s hard to pick just one, but Terry has developed several special friendships with customers and remembers a special time that a client was interested in upgrading her original wedding set with a larger diamond but original rings that she couldn’t wear due to arthritis in her fingers. Our jeweler came up with the idea to add a special snap shank that would open so she could easily put on her rings and incorporated the larger diamond as well, a dream come true for this happy customer! Terry enjoys daily walks and time with family and friends.

Sue Peden

Sales Associate

Sue got her start at George Thompson Diamond Company 21 years ago after asking George to stay on after being hired part time for the holiday season.

Born in St. Louis, she moved to California in 1988, graduated from Rio Mea while getting her industry start selling jewelry at the Esplinade Mall and completed Diamond Grading at GIA in 2003. Sue says this job feels like family and along with loving what she does it’s a bonus to know she is a part of something so special.

Her favorite customer story is from a couple married for 70 years, the husband climbed into a bedroom window and they traveled to the next town to be married because her parents did not approve. He purchased his 70th anniversary ring with us that day! There are also special moments like taking a client’s grandmother’s diamond engagement ring and including it in the design for the granddaughter’s engagement ring. Sue is happily married to husband Murray and you may just find them shooting pool when not with their wonderful children Rachel, Allison, Emma, Isabella and Cash.

Misty Daftary

Sales Associate

Misty has been with George Thompson Diamond Company for 10 years and feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to join the team right when another longtime employee was retiring. Misty grew up in Iran where she studied agriculture and moved to the US when she was 21 years old.

Misty got over 30 years experience in the jewelry industry and has a lot of clients who remember her from her earlier days in the business.

For Misty, working with people is her favorite part of what she does and one of her fondest memories is creating a beautiful custom ring for a client from the three rings that her mom had left her, feeling it is always so special to create something new with sentimental family pieces. When she’s not at George Thompson Diamond company, you’ll find her spending time with her grandchildren and gardening.

Robert Gutierrez

Sales Associate/Estate Buyer

Robert Gutierrez has been a valued member of the George Thompson Diamond Company team since November 1995. As a sales associate and estate buyer, Robert brings a unique perspective to his role, finding joy in meeting people and hearing the fascinating stories behind their cherished pieces. Unlike the impersonal nature of a pawn shop, Robert’s interactions are warm and meaningful, allowing him to share the intrinsic value and history of each piece of jewelry.

Robert believes in the power of connection, using each client interaction as an opportunity to build lasting relationships. His favorite aspect of working at George Thompson Diamond Company is the cohesive, family-like atmosphere. Unlike his previous retail experiences where turnover was high, Robert appreciates the long-term bonds he has formed with his colleagues, who feel like brothers and sisters.

A particularly memorable moment for Robert was when a couple visited the store with their diamond. He was able to provide them with detailed information about their piece, leaving them intrigued and appreciative of his expertise. Robert understands the importance of making clients feel comfortable and valued, fostering a trusting environment where they can share their special jewelry pieces.

Outside of work, Robert has a passion for collecting vintage hand tools and rare, select tequila bottles. He enjoys the hunt for special tequila bottles that are no longer in production and boast unique designs. This collector’s eye enhances his role as an estate buyer, where his keen attention to detail and appreciation for unique items shine through.

Robert’s dedication, expertise, and warm approach make him an integral part of the George Thompson Diamond Company family.

Serhii Komiahin

Master Jeweler

Serhii Komiahin, a master jeweler from Ukraine, brings a rich heritage of craftsmanship to George Thompson Diamond Company. His journey into the jewelry craft began in college in Ukraine, where he discovered a deep passion for creating intricate pieces by hand. This dedication to his art led him across continents to join the George Thompson team, where he has found a welcoming and supportive environment.

Serhii's decision to move from Ukraine to California has been a rewarding adventure. He greatly enjoys the state's diverse landscapes, from its sunny weather and beautiful ocean to its majestic mountains. 

Outside of his professional life, Serhii cherishes spending time with his family. He has a love for music and enjoys singing in various languages, enriching his cultural experiences and personal joy. Being part of the George Thompson Diamond Company team brings Serhii immense happiness, as he continues to craft exquisite, meaningful jewelry that resonates with clients around the world.

Natalie W.

Sales, Social Media Specialist, After Sales Quality Control

Natalie has been with George Thompson Diamond Company for 10 years after getting her start here as a greeter.

Born in Chiang Mai, Thailand and family friends for years with George and his wife Toi, she’s now also in charge of our social media accounts, as well as answering customer questions, supporting repairs and completing quality inspections. Though she’s spent time in Pennsylvania and Texas, Natalie grew up in California and found her passion for jewelry after attending Ventura College and especially loves the great support system she has with her co-workers because she’s learned so much from their collective years of experience.

George once told Natalie that a wedding ring is one of the most important purchases of someone’s life and she really takes that to heart, putting her all into any custom ring requests and making sure she fully understands what her customer envisioned so she can bring their dream ring to life! When Natalie isn’t at work you can find her chasing waterfalls, grabbing coffee with friends, exploring hiking trails and collecting sea glass and unique rocks to paint for family and friends. She always encourages anyone who has had jewelry passed down to them to remember it can be redesigned to your liking…she always says it’s better to have jewelry on you than stashed away in a drawer!

Frank Gonzalez

Master Jeweler

Frank is a master jeweler at George Thompson Diamond Company, a role shaped by a rich and diverse journey in the craft. Introduced to jewelry making by one of his father’s friends, Frank's passion led to an invaluable apprenticeship opportunity. Over the years, he has honed his skills working with esteemed jewelers from around the world, including Italy, Thailand, and Ukraine.

A standout moment in Frank’s career was when Mr. Thompson took him and his wife to Thailand. This trip allowed him to see firsthand how the company operates and deepened his appreciation for the craft. Frank fondly recalls Mr. Thompson showing them around familiar areas, creating memories he cherishes deeply.

Frank is grateful for the leadership of Kathleen Kimball, Mr. Thompson’s daughter, and her husband Charlie Kimball, who have taken the reins of the business. Their dedication ensures the company’s legacy and values continue to thrive.

Outside of work, Frank enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including cooking, spearfishing, and hunting. He treasures spending time with his two daughters, family, and church friends. Being part of the George Thompson Diamond Company family brings him immense joy and fulfillment, as he continues to create beautiful, timeless pieces that tell stories of their own.