A High Flying Proposal, Justin And Lucy

This is Justin and Lucy. Lucy loves wine tasting and has always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon.

Justin decided to plan a very special surprise for her: a hot air balloon flight. They started their flight at a winery, and as the operator distracted them by showing them the burner, somebody else from the hot air balloon company affixed a sign to the balloon basket. There wasn't enough room in the balloon gondola for Justin to go down on his knee and remove the ring from his sock and properly propose during their trip over the beautiful Temecula Valley. He improvised: When they landed back on the ground everybody toasted the successful flight, but, Lucy saw that Justin was distracted with his phone, and she asked him why.

He showed her the picture of them in the balloon with a sign reading "Will you marry me?" attached to the side. That's when he got down on one knee and dug out the ring. Lucy was so excited as Justin asked, "Will you marry me?"

She, of course, said YES!.

Thank you, Justin and Lucy, for letting us be a part of this fascinating moment.

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