A Modern Love Story, Rocio And Kevin

Rocio and Kevin met on Plenty of Fish, a dating website, in January of 2016. Sparks flew when they started talking, and they decided to meet in person at Chili's in Oxnard. There was no denying the chemistry between them. Immediately smitten with each other, they were quickly engaged. Intending to wait a year before getting married, however, so excited to be together, they eloped in November of last year, putting together a wedding in a week's time and held in Kevin's back yard.

Kevin's brother Dwayne officiated the wedding. Rocio and Kevin have always written each other love notes on the wall of the bedroom. Dwayne had Rocio's son sneak in and copy down some of the notes that he used in the ceremony. Rocio simply melted when she heard their love words revealed to the wedding crowd.

The whole family acted as photographers, capturing the event from every angle. The wedding happened at sunset, because as Rocio says, "when the sun hits the backyard, it's just beautiful."
Right now, Rocio and Kevin are headed on their honeymoon in Aruba!

Thank you Rocio and Kevin for letting us be a part of this beautiful moment.

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