And Who Said It Couldn't Be Anymore Magical...?

Chris and Jolene are high school sweethearts, and after 10 years of dating enjoyed a common love for Disneyland. It is one of their favorite places on Earth! They were planning a trip there and Chris knew it was his time! He came into find a ring, with dreams of making their favorite place even more magical. He plans on getting their caricature done while at Disneyland, but the artist will draw Chris down on one knee with the words "Will you Marry Me?"

Chris was true to his word. When the drawing was completed and Jolene saw it for the first time, he did get down on one knee and ask, "Will you marry me?" Of course, the picture speaks a thousand words and she said, "Yes!" A magical moment, at the Magic Kingdom with a memory that will last forever. Congratulations Chris and Jolene.

 Chris at George Thompson Diamond Co.

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