Custom Ametrine Gold Ring

When it comes to jewelry, nothing compares to the beauty and significance of a custom-designed piece. From capturing individual style preferences to incorporating specific gemstones, a custom jewelry creation allows for a truly unique and personal expression.

The starting point for this project is an extraordinary ametrine stone, measuring an impressive 15.8mm x 12.1mm x 8.1mm. The captivating blend of purple and yellow hues in ametrine symbolizes harmony and balance. In this custom order, we will remake the mounting of this beautiful ametrine stone. Below is the original mounting of this stone.


The design process begins by understanding the client's desires. So, the client wants it to be in 10kt yellow gold in size 8, with 2 side diamonds measuring 2.0 mm and a shank with 2.6mm width and 2mm thick.

To ensure precision and accuracy in the creation of the custom ametrine gold ring, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software is employed. CAD allows for the meticulous modeling of the design in three dimensions. The CAD model takes into account specific details such as the positioning of the ametrine stone, the size of the side diamonds (2.0mm), and the dimensions of the shank (2.6mm width, 2mm thickness). This digital representation serves as a blueprint for the subsequent steps of the process.

Once the CAD design is approved, the digital model is transformed into a mold using 3D printing technology. This step focuses specifically on the placement of the ametrine stone, enabling a realistic representation of how it will be set in the final ring.


The chosen metal for this custom ametrine gold ring is 10kt yellow gold. Known for its radiant warmth and durability, yellow gold is a classic choice for jewelry. Once the ring is cast in yellow gold, the skilled hands of artisans bring the piece to life through meticulous hand-finishing techniques.


Every contour, facet, and detail is painstakingly polished and refined, ensuring a flawless finish that enhances the ring's elegance. The marriage of artisanal craftsmanship and advanced techniques ensures that the final result is a captivating ametrine gold ring that showcases both artistry and personalization.