Custom Emerald Center Wedding Set

In the world of fine jewelry, there are pieces that transcend trends and become enduring symbols of love and commitment. Today, we're excited to take you on a journey through the creation of a remarkable customized emerald center wedding set, uniquely designed to cradle a 2.02-carat emerald cut lab diamond. With VSI clarity, color F, and proportions measuring 8.67 x 6.02 x 3.93 mm, this diamond is a true masterpiece. Let's delve into the story of this exquisite creation, brought to life in 14k white gold and tailored to a finger size 6.5.

Customized to fit 2.02 ct Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond (MR6488)

First, we utilize advanced 3D CAD technology to transform it into a realistic image. This allows you to visualize the ring from every angle and show it to the client and suggest any modifications.

Once the design is finalized, we proceed to create a physical mold. Using the mold as a guide, we cast the ring in exquisite 14kt white gold. Our skilled craftsmen then meticulously hand-finish every detail, ensuring precision and artistry in every curve and angle.

The heart of this wedding set is a breathtaking 2.02-carat emerald cut lab diamond. With its VSI clarity and color grade of F, this lab-grown gem embodies purity and brilliance. Its proportions, measuring 8.67 x 6.02 x 3.93 mm, create a captivating play of light and elegance, making it the perfect centerpiece for a lifelong commitment. The choice of metal is as crucial as the gemstone itself. For this special creation, 14k white gold was chosen for its classic beauty and versatility and and meticulously crafted to fit a finger size 6.5. Its bright, silvery hue serves as an elegant backdrop, allowing the diamond to take center stage.

With its stunning 2.02-carat emerald cut lab diamond, 14k white gold craftsmanship, and exquisite VSI clarity and color, this wedding set is more than just jewelry. It's a symbol of a love story that transcends time. As these rings find their place on the fingers of the couple, they become more than adornments; they become an enduring emblem of love, commitment, and the promise of a lifetime together. This ring is a celebration of timeless elegance, a reflection of love's enduring beauty, and a reminder that some things are simply meant to last forever.