Custom Sapphire Engagement Ring

 This ring is a great example of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with elegance.

First, the customer wanted a non-traditional sapphire engagement ring.  We were able to source 3 GIA certified sapphires for her to choose from.  She picked her favorite and we designed this ring around that stone.  We were able to use a ring we had in the store for inspiration.

We made a 3D Cad image of the ring to share with the client,and 3D printed an exact replica of the CAD to make sure the center stone fit. 3D print increases the accuracy and takes the mystery out of a custom order being able to see at a 3D replica before it is made makes all the difference.

It was delivered and our master jeweler set the sapphire. We were able to design this stunning engagement ring around it. The client was so happy and will have an heirloom to cherish for generations.