Custom Marquise Center Engagament Ring

This was the client's old ring. It was very worn out so she wanted us to remake this ring for her.

The new ring will have a Center Marquise Cut Diamond with 2 Trillion Cut Side Diamonds.

To demonstrate the design of the ring, we created a 3D print. We 3D printed the ring to ensure that the diamonds fit correctly after turning the 3D scan into a CAD design. We used a 3D print because it improves accuracy and eliminates the mystery surrounding a special request. Before a 3D duplicate is created, it is essential to be able to view, touch, and feel it.

Then printed it in mold, casted in 14k white gold and hand-finished it.

The client was overjoyed with the final piece and now had an heirloom to treasure for years to come. Here at George Thompson, we always make sure to transform your ideas into heirlooms!