Custom Order Sapphire Ring

This Custom Order Sapphire Ring is a stunning example of how we can customize any piece to make it your own. 

The ring has 2.77 cts of sapphire set in a custom made diamond halo, with an additional 3/4 cts of diamonds that perfectly fit flush with the wedding band they wanted.

When we design a custom engagement ring, we start with the CAD. It's a three-dimensional image of the ring that can be shared with our clients to make sure we're on the same page about what they want. 

We also 3D print an exact replica of the CAD so you know exactly what your new ring will look like before it's made! This increases accuracy and takes away any mystery from a custom order. Once we had a physical model of the ring, we printed it in mold, cast and hand finished it.

The Sapphire is set in 18k white gold and is crafted by master jewelers, who have decades of experience in crafting engagement rings. The diamonds are set in a halo that adds to the overall beauty of this piece.