Custom Pear-Shaped Citrine Engagement Ring in 14kt White Gold

In this custom order blog, we will take you through the process of creating a breathtaking Custom Pear-Shaped Citrine Engagement Ring in 14kt White Gold. The inspiration for this ring originates from a yellow gold design, but our client desires a stunning transformation into a 14kt white gold masterpiece. The ring will feature a mesmerizing pear-shaped citrine gemstone, set in an elegant mounting.


The Original Ring in Yellow Gold

Our journey begins with a detailed consultation with the client, where we discuss their vision, preferences, and inspirations and showed it through a CAD design. The CAD showcases the pear-shaped citrine center stone, the 14kt white gold shank, and any additional design elements discussed during the consultation. 

Once the CAD design is approved, the client will send us the measurements required for the shank (2.5 mm) and any other relevant specifications. We will source high-quality 14kt white gold that meets the client's desired specifications and budget. And now we will begin the process of crafting a precise mold based on the approved CAD design. Using the carefully crafted mold, we will cast the 14kt white gold engagement ring. This step ensures that the metal takes on the exact shape and design specified in the CAD. 

To achieve the utmost beauty and quality, the engagement ring will undergo meticulous hand finishing. Our artisans will carefully polish and refine the ring, giving it a smooth and flawless surface, enhancing the brilliance of the citrine and the white gold.


Creating this Custom Pear-Shaped Citrine Engagement Ring in 14kt White Gold has been an exciting and fulfilling journey. The combination of the mesmerizing pear-shaped citrine and the elegance of 14kt white gold results in a truly unique and captivating piece of jewelry that will be cherished for generations to come.

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