Custom Radiant Center Diamond Engagement Ring

Our client wants a custom ring that features a radiant cut center stone surrounded by side baguette diamonds with square corners. A princess cut peekaboo emerald stone with a letter "B" engraving on the underside for added personalization.

We are all about turning your ideas into an heirloom. To showcase the design of the personalized ring to the client, a 3D CAD image was created. 


After we obtained approval from our client for the CAD design, we then created an exact replica of the design in the form of a 3D mold. This provides the client with a clear visualization of the appearance of their custom ring, improving precision and eliminating the element of surprise from a custom order.

The Final Ring is a stunning, sophisticated, and one-of-a-kind piece that exudes radiance and grace. It is guaranteed to be the most beautiful and alluring ring that our client will ever wear. She loved it so much!