Custom Special Order Ring

This is the Client’s Original Piece.

 The client wants to change the shape of the shank of the ring. From a thinner and rounder more delicate shank to a thicker and wider, more substantial one.

The Client wants the Shank to be wider and tapers at the top from 4.2 mm to 8 mm.

And the side of the ring should be cathedral style.

We took a 3D CAD image of the ring to share with the client and then 3D printed an exact replica of the CAD to make sure the center stone is exactly where it needs to be. This increases the accuracy and reduces mistakes in the process, making it easier for our jeweler to create your custom order.

A mold was then printed, cast it in metal and hand-finished it as well.

This is the Client rings' final piece. Here at George Thompson, we make sure to always turn your ideas into heirlooms!