Custom Two Tone 14k Cross Pendant

When it comes to expressing faith and style simultaneously, a beautifully crafted cross pendant is a timeless choice. Inspired by a client's original piece, this exquisite creation embodies elegance and devotion. Let's dive into the intricate details that make this piece truly exceptional.

The Original Piece

Crafted with careful precision, the original piece laid the foundation for our custom design journey. The client expressed a desire to transform the pendant into a two-tone white and yellow 14kt cross pendant, on the yellow part has to have a beveled edge so it doesn't look so flat and there's more dimension to it.

First, to make sure we truly grasp our clients' ideas, we create a 3D CAD image of the piece using computer design software. We show this image to the customer for their approval, so they can see how the two tone cross pendant will look in real life. This step helps us ensure that we're on the same page with our clients. 

Once we get their approval, we move on to 3D printing an exact copy of the design. This is an important step because it allows the customer to see a physical replica of the pendant before we make the final version. It helps them understand what they're getting and avoids any surprises or disappointments. After the 3D printing, we then cast and hand-finish the cross pendant using the best materials. Our skilled jewelers work hard to create a perfect final product that goes beyond our customers' expectations.

Weighing between 3.5 to 4 grams, this two-tone 14k cross pendant is delicately crafted to strike the perfect balance between elegance and wearability. The lightweight design allows for comfortable daily wear while preserving the pendant's inherent gracefulness. Whether it's a special occasion or a casual outing, this pendant effortlessly complements any ensemble.

The journey of crafting a custom two-tone 14k cross pendant has allowed us to combine artistry and devotion, resulting in a breathtaking piece of jewelry. With its fusion of yellow and white gold, beveled edges, and featherweight elegance, this pendant transcends traditional designs. Our commitment to creating bespoke jewelry means that you too can embark on your own customization journey, here at George Thompson, we bring your dreams to reality.