Custom Wedding Set

This wedding set is one of a kind. The client loves her original handmade set but after decades of everyday wear, it needed to be remade. We were able to take a 3D scan of the original and rebuild it exactly as it should be.



The first step was to take a 3D scan of the original set. A 3D scan is a digital representation of an object that can be viewed from different angles and positions, giving us an exact replica to work with. We were able to take a 3D scan of the original, which we then recreated exactly down to every small detail. After converting that 3D scan into a CAD design we 3D printed the ring to make sure the diamonds fit perfectly. We then printed it in mold, then cast it and hand finished it as well. 


When the ring arrived, our jeweler reset her diamonds into the new ring. We always have our jewelers on site so your diamonds will never leave our store.


The final result is a beautiful ring that looks exactly as the old one, except this one should last her another 30 years!