Diamond in the Rough Scholarships to St. Bonaventure High School

George Thompson Diamond Co. loves contributing to the community. George Thompson believes a college education is the best gift one can give to themselves.

On May 23, 2019 at the Senior Awards Ceremony, we presented $700 in our Diamond in the Rough Scholarships to St. Bonaventure High School. This is the 31st year and we donated to each of the 17 Ventura County High Schools participating in our “Diamond in the Rough Scholarship Award” which is given to the top 10 seniors who have improved their G.P.A. the most from their junior year to their senior year. We provide this award because we believe the winners have all the intellectual ability to graduate college.

Below is the picture to the awardees of St. Bonaventure High School who attended the Award Ceremony and a list of all of the winners. If you know any of them, please offer your congratulations for their excellent academic performance.

1. Daniel Chavez
2. Ryan Viola
3. Chloe Tietz
4. Miguel Cambe
5. Tyler Pfeiffer
6. Savannah Nelson
7. Vivian Llanos
8. Evan Fonceca


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