Dressing Up For A Once In A Lifetime Event, Kayla And Jessie

Normally casually attired Kayla Ortiz couldn't understand why her boyfriend, Jessie Ramirez, asked her to dress up because he wished to treat her to a fancy dinner at the Beach Side Café in Goleta which is conveniently located near UCSB where they originally met and later had both received their Bachelor's Degree a few years ago.

After dinner, they walked on the pier overlooking the campus and talked about the unforgettable times they had at the university. Unbeknownst to her, Jessie had made plans. A month before, he had come into the George Thompson Diamond Co. to select that special diamond wedding set he wanted to present to Kayla. Secretly, had one of his friends from his home town of Lompoc, CA on the pier blending in with the crowd. Then he got down on one knee to profess his love to Kayla and his friend was there to take this intimate picture. "He really surprised me" Kayla said, "and, of course, I said Yes!."

Both have finished their Master's Degree in Social Work at Cal State Long Beach in 2016, since then they have set up a new life in Oxnard. This love story is extra special for our 24-year Vice President of Sales, Terry Lopez. Kayla has been best friends with her daughter for years ever since both started high school. We wish them both the best of luck on their new journey together.

Thank you, Kayla and Jessie, for letting us be a part of this beautiful moment.

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