Fancy Yellow Diamonds - Sunshine On Your Hand

One of the hottest trends in jewelry these days is Yellow Diamonds. Yellow diamonds are natural diamonds with a yellow tint, they can be called many things: Canary Diamonds, Lemon Drop Diamonds, or even Cape Diamonds.

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The yellow color comes from a very slight impurity or an alteration in the structure of the diamond. The impurity is nitrogen replacing carbon in parts of the crystal, and the alteration in the crystal structure just changes the way the light goes through the stone. Don't worry, the alteration to the structure doesn't make the diamond any less tough! Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, and only a diamond can cut a diamond.

Many diamonds have a hint of yellow, but some of the coolest ones are ones where the yellow is so noticeable. We in the diamond industry call these "fancy color diamonds". Fancy diamonds are diamonds that are beyond the normal D-Z measurement of color. These fancy color diamonds have a different measurement of how much color there is, they describe the color as Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, and Fancy Light; and because the color may not be evenly distributed, the gem lab also states this. Gem Labs use terms like Vivid, Intense and deep to describe how much color there is.

From George Thompson Diamond Company's Collection, 151-10115 1.52ct GIA Certified Fancy Yellow Diamond White Gold Ring with 0.78cts of side Diamonds - In Stock Now

Yellow diamonds are often cut in fancy shapes, like the radiant cut. Cutters do this because a diamond's cut can have a noticeable impact on its apparent color when viewed from above. Cutters will even re-cut diamonds to maximize the intensity of the diamond's face-up color. We at George Thompson Diamond Company have a large selection of Fancy Yellow Diamonds, come in and see if a bit of yellow will brighten your day.

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