Finally, Nick Iscakis Met His Fiancé, Alissa Borsuk

On a blind date with his friend, 8 years ago, Nick Iscakis met his future fiancé, Alissa Borsuk.

Nick felt it was time to get married, and had brought Alissa into George Thompson Diamond Co. to see what kind of exclusive engagement rings she liked. Then later, unbeknownst to her, he came in and picked it up. Weeks before, he had asked her father for her hand. Nick needed a special place to ask her, so he chose an event at the home she grew up in, her father’s house. Then and there, in front of family and friends, he got down on one knee. Spontaneously, having no knowledge that this was going to happen, Alissa also dropped to her knees, and Nick asked her to be married. Of course, she said “Yes.” The wedding is at the “Inn of the 7th ‘Ray,” and they have plans on going to Asia on their honeymoon.

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