Frankie And Misty Visit Our Factory In Thailand

George is always trying to improve his business, so to solidify communication between our exclusive Design and Jewelry Manufacturing Factory in Thailand and our store, took our VP of Sales Misty and her Husband, David and our Master Jeweler, Frankie and his Wife, Wendy, to our facility in Thailand.

Frankie has been working as a jeweler for us for nearly 20 years but had never been to a jewelry factory or a jewelry show. On his first day there, he and Misty were met at his hotel by George and they walked together to our Jewelry Design and Manufacturing Facility. They met our 2 Jewelry Designers, the 4 person Administration Staff, our Webmaster, our 2 Loose Diamond Selectors, our Polishing and Finishing Specialist, and our Gold Casting Professional. They immediately became felt like a family, the same as all the staff at George Thompson Diamond Co, USA. They were amazed to see and now have an intimate knowledge of how every step in the jewelry making process is done.

Frankie wanted to talk with the diamond setters let them know how pleased we are with the work coming from Thailand. Jeed, our Managing Director, worked as his translator and allowed him to discuss the comments and observations he had about their setting process. "It really improved communication and allowed us to open a dialogue about the finished jewelry," said Frankie.

Frankie Checking Out a New
Jewelry Microscope

He and Misty also went to the Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show. There they saw the cutting edge of jewelry manufacturing technology: 3D printers, laser inscription machines, micropave microscopes along with seeing some of the newest jewelry styles coming out of South East Asia.

Later at the Factory, Misty and George went thru the over 4,000 different styles we have manufactured in the last 17 years. They felt we needed to vastly expand our Men's Rings selection in America, and together they selected some winners from the past and then sat with the Jewelry Designers and were able to come up with some new and exciting styles. If you come in during the holidays, you will notice that the Men's Ring section has more than doubled.

Some of the George Thompson Thailand Team and the US Team together from left to right, Dang, Master Jewelry Designer, Jeed, Managing Director, Toi Thompson, George Thompson, Frankie and his wife Wendy, Misty and her husband, David, and Manope, Master Jewelry Designer at the Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show

Of course, George and his wife Toi made sure Frankie and Misty had a great time, took them by boat to the Temple of Dawn, The Emerald Buddha, along with a day at the Floating Market, an Elephant Ride, and lots more excursions, making sure they saw as much as possible, having fun the whole time.

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