George Thompson Diamond Co.'s Lifetime Warranty

One of the things that makes George Thompson Diamond Company Different is our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Many other jewelry stores charge you for this service, but here, every piece of diamond jewelry at George Thompson Diamond Co. sell comes with a warranty absolutely free! All we ask is that you bring your jewelry and the warranty card in every 6 months, and one of our jewelry experts will check every diamond, see if any prongs are thin, or any diamonds are loose. We examine every diamond, from a single solitaire engagement ring to micropave diamonds in a wedding set with 200+ diamonds. We take extra special care to examine the prongs on the center stone.

We also clean off all the dirt that accumulates on and under the diamonds, to shine as bright and beautiful as ever. We have an industrial ultrasonic cleaner that uses the chemical cleanser and sound waves to shake loose all the dirt that sticks to your diamonds. Over time, dirt and grease will stick to your diamond and make it sparkle less, and we try to get as much of that dirt off to make it shine. After all the dirt has been shaken loose, we then blast it all away with an industrial steam cleaner.

We then hand it back to you, warm and clean and secure and sign the warranty and you are covered for the next 6 months. If there are any concerns, we will recommend repairs. Over time, jewelry can wear down, and just like an oil change, needs to be maintained. Our jewelers will do all the repairs right here in the store, with care and skill. The whole process takes 5-10 minutes, and we do it whenever we are open; Monday-Saturday 10:00-5:30.

If you lose a diamond between our 6-month checks, because of a defect in the ring, we will replace the diamonds for no charge. This covers every diamond in your ring! We have had people come in for the last 25 years to have their jewelry checked, and we will cover them for another 25 or more! Please check your warranty card for more details.

Have you had your jewelry checked in the last 6 months?

Limited Lifetime Warranty


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