George Thompson Jewelry Design Software

At George Thompson Diamond Company we are constantly innovating and bringing in new technology to make sure we make the highest quality product which is why we use state of the art jewelry design software. We use 3D computer-aided design programs to make every piece of jewelry including engagement rings, wedding sets, and diamond bands in our factory in Thailand. We use the finest, leading-edge software program which is the same as the best major jewelry manufacturers, to ensure we have the highest quality. The software is made specifically for jewelry, which makes our design process as fast and efficient as possible while never compromising on quality. We can even make jewelry like a pendant, engagement rings without having the diamond in our possession, with very precise measurements, we can build a piece around a gem.

We have 2 full-time designers, Manope and Dang, that are both master craftsman and have decades of jewelry experience. Getting their start before the digital revolution, as wax carvers and goldsmiths, they have developed an intimate knowledge of how to craft award-winning jewelry.

Our Master Jewelry Designers at work in our Factory in Thailand. On the left is Dang and to his right Manope. In the background is our Administration VP, Samart.

The design program that we use allows us many advantages from the physical design process, enabling us to be as precise as possible in our manufacturing, making every piece as stunning as possible. We can custom design for a client so they can see exactly what the piece will look like using our photo-realistic rendering, without the difficulty, time-consuming and expense of casting the gold and make alterations without starting anew.

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