Love Comes To The Pharmacy, Vincent And Teresa

On Friday, Jan. 18th, Vincent Ybarra came into our store and was so happy and excited that he called a few of us over and revealed that the day before, on the 17th, he and Teresa Santana, got married at the Ventura courthouse.

As a little background, Vincent loved Teresa so much he would go to the Pharmacy where she worked and bring her flowers, she would come from behind the counter and give him a hug. Unknown to her, Vincent had come into George Thompson Diamond Co. in 2014 and purchased her an engagement ring from our Sales Manager, Kent Beckerdite.

Later, on another day, he showed up at the pharmacy, as usual, she came out from the counter and he gave her a big hug. With tears in his eyes, he asked her the big question. "Will you marry me?" He presented the engagement ring to her and she quickly replied, "sure I will!" Vincent is a well known and respected barber at "Tony's Hairstyling Shop" in Oxnard. He was introduced to Teresa through his daughter, Nina, at the barbershop. He is thinking of going to Portugal for his honeymoon.

Thank you, Vincent and Teresa, for letting us be a part of this beautiful moment.

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