Love is Fabulous, David and Evelyn

David is 91 years old and Evelyn is 90. Neither were embarrassed about revealing their age. Rather they were proud of it.

Both are widowed, and 4 years ago, they came into The George Thompson Diamond Co. and chose a beautiful, 3 diamond wedding set, symbolizing the Past, Present, and Future, the rings are from The George Thompson Collection. Coming back for a special present for Evelyn we started chatting. Both revealed that their families, especially the grandchildren, were worried about them being lonely. We asked them, “By the way, how did you two meet?” David told us, “She was a greeter at Walmart,” Then with a wry twinkle in his eye he said, “You can find anything at Walmart!" We all laughed. What a great start to a love story. After meeting, they discovered that they had been friends all the way back in first grade and had lived 3 blocks away from each other most of their lives.

Since finding each other they have spent the last six years together, and they've love relating all their thrilling adventures like zip lining across Las Vegas, paragliding in Puerto Vallarta, and hot air ballooning in Albuquerque. They've traveled to Montreal and Niagara Falls, and soon they're visiting Alaska. Who would have known that love would find them again in their 90s? “Love is fabulous,” says Evelyn. “Love saved our lives,” David adds.

Thank you David and Evelyn for letting us be a part of this beautiful story.

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