Maddie and Micheal love the outdoors, and each other

Maddie and Michael met in their freshman year calculus class at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Maddie immediately viewed him as a friend. They stayed friends, if distantly, for the next few years.
They met again their senior year at a bonfire and, this time, they really hit it off! Michael realized immediately that he wanted to spend more time with her and asked her that night to a date at a nice steak house. The next day they went for a horseback trail ride and Maddie, with her self-labeled affinity for "a man on a horse," realized she was falling. With this first date, he did the impossible! He "worked his way out of the friend-zone."
They had always talked about marriage, they knew they were dating to try to find the one, and when he realized it was time, he drove down to George Thompson's. He told her that he was going out into the middle of nowhere for work, to make sure she didn't know where he was. He worked with Connie to make sure that he found the perfect diamond wedding set.
Maddie loves it!


In April, Michael concocted the perfect proposal. Seeing as they got their first date on a hike, he arranged beforehand with Maddie's best friend Rachel to hike up the other side of the mountain and take pictures. Rachel was super sick, but she must love them because she hid in the bushes with a camera and snapped that special moment you see above.

They came in two weeks before their wedding, to get his diamond wedding band and get her ring polished to make it picture-perfect for their big day!


Thank you Maddie and Micheal for sharing the special moment with George Thompson Diamond Co.