Marcos, Second Generation Master Jeweler, Keeping Up Traditions

Marcos started helping out in his father, Manuel, in his jewelry business when he was 14, and since striking out on his own in 1995, he has worked throughout the US and Canada.

On weekends, when not working here, Marcos often helps his father cast silver and even at 94 years old, the joy of being an artisan has never left Manuel. Between the precision of Marcos' skills and the pride he takes in his work, Marcos is an indispensable member of the George Thompson Diamond Co. team. He especially loves doing custom pieces because it challenges him, excites him and allows the skills his Father taught him to truly flourish In his own words, he loves what he does because, "When I do a good job, I know the client will be happy."

Come into the store and watch our second generation master goldsmith, Marcos, do what he does best. Most of his time, he sets diamonds, rebuilds channels, sizes rings, re-tips prongs, and modifies existing jewelry to accommodate larger diamonds. People give him a piece of their personal history and he always treats it with the utmost care.