Meet Connie Conant, Diamond and Jewelry Professional at George Thompson Diamond Co. Camarillo

For those of you who don't know her, this is Connie Conant. If you have been to the George Thompson Diamond Co. you have probably met or seen her.

She is the person who has worked with George Thompson the longest, 33 years, this Christmas. When Connie started working, we were at the Bank Tower on the 14th floor in Oxnard and only she and George worked together.

Before her jewelry career, she was a full-time mother and had never worked for anyone. George met her years before when she went to Ventura Junior Chamber of Commerce meetings with him. Noticing her leadership qualities and how people immediately liked and trusted Connie, he asked if she would like to work with him. She was and still is an instant success. Since then, she has become a Diamond and Jewelry Professional, someone who George feels is a confidant, a trusted ally, a friend and the first member of the George Thompson family.

Connie with her 7 Grandchildren.

Connie is a long time Ventura County resident, with 3 children, 7 grandchildren, her mother who lives with her, 2 dogs and a turtle; all of whom she loves with all her heart. When not at the store, you might find her in her garden or in the kitchen where she is renowned for her unbelievably, sinful, and delicious carrot cake.

Meet Connie at George Thompson Diamond Co. Store in Camarillo.