Meet Misty, Diamond And Jewelry Professional At George Thompson Diamond Co. Camarillo

Misty worked at a large chain department store jewelry counter for over 21 years before working with us at George Thompson Diamond Company that gives her nearly 30 years of jewelry experience.

She gets to understand the whole jewelry manufacturing process."Here I can customize. Together, me and the client, can pick a special mounting and then chose just the right diamond and have a one-of-a-kind ring that is only theirs"

Working with the big chain, she felt that she couldn't give anywhere near the high quality of service she now can provide. When a client purchased a new ring, sizing would take a minimum of 2 weeks. Here we can have it done the same day. She would go to seminars hosted by the department store, and they wouldn't teach us about diamonds, how they are graded or even the process of manufacturing jewelry. They don't talk about the merchandise. You would learn the name of the colored stones, but nothing as in-depth as the quality education she received at GIA that George Thompson sent her to.

She says working here is great because her customers aren't looking for jewelry as a fashion statement alone; her clientele is interested in quality; not just of the diamonds, but the whole jewelry experience. At the department store, people were looking for the "right now" ring. Here at George Thompson's, couples are looking for the Lifetime Ring, a ring that they can wear every day for the rest of their lives.

"Here, we not only create our own unique styles, but we can also modify the jewelry expanding the limits of design in 1,000 directions." With Master Jewelers on staff, she has immediate consultation with the people who will make it all work.

She never worked with loose stones until coming here. Even if she ordered a diamond, she would never get anything but a finished piece. When she would order something the diamond quality wasn't that good. They hardly used loupes, but over here she looks at diamonds every day.

"Here, you get a lot better price because you cut out the department store middleman, and you can get much more personalized jewelry. The department store would make hundreds of a single piece. Here every piece is carefully crafted." Her clients regularly come here and get to make a custom ring around the diamond they already own, to make their diamond
live beyond their first ring.

Meet Misty and ask her for assistance at George Thompson Diamond Co. Store in Camarillo.