The Transformation of Platinum to Gold in a Custom Eternity Band

In the world of jewelry, transformation is not just about changing metals—it's about bringing dreams to life. And that's precisely what we did with this custom order: turning a platinum band into a radiant 14kt yellow gold eternity band. Picture this: 22 dazzling diamonds, each measuring 2.6mm, set in a seamless circle of golden brilliance. But it's not just about the stones; it's about the journey from concept to creation

The original mounting (a platinum band with 22 round stones)

Step one: CAD Magic. Using advanced 3D technology, we brought the customer's vision to life, allowing them to visualize every angle, every curve, every shimmering facet of their future ring.

Step two: Mold and Cast. With the design approved, we moved on to the physical creation, crafting a precise mold to ensure every detail was captured flawlessly. Then, with the mold as our guide, we cast the ring in the finest 14kt yellow gold, laying the foundation for something truly extraordinary.

Step three: Hand-Finished Excellence. But we didn't stop there. Our skilled artisans meticulously hand-finished every inch of the ring, ensuring that each diamond sparkled with its own unique brilliance. From resizing to polishing, no detail was overlooked in the pursuit of perfection.

The result? A masterpiece of craftsmanship, a symbol of love and commitment, and a testament to the power of transformation. This isn't just a ring—it's a story waiting to be told, a legacy waiting to be passed down through generations. And it all started with a dream.