The Rikata

The Rikata

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Dazzle with a dash of color and sparkle with the Rikata – a petite pair that packs a punch of glamour. These aren't just earrings; they're a stylish symphony of color and sparkle that's sure to elevate any ensemble.

Crafted from radiant 14KT yellow gold, these earrings feature vibrant amethyst gemstones accented by shimmering diamonds, creating a harmonious blend of rich color and sparkle. The dainty size of these earrings makes them perfect for adding a subtle pop of glamour to any look.

Whether you're dressing up for a night on the town or adding a touch of color to your everyday look, these Diamond and Amethyst Earrings are your perfect accessory. They're the kind of earrings that make you feel effortlessly chic, with every glance serving as a reminder of the fabulous find you've scored.
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